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Our program is a safe and super easy-to-use health system that utilizes advanced nutritional technology to cleanse the body of impurities and replenish the body with optimal nutrients.

It was developed by John Anderson, the formulator behind many GNC, Natures Way and Meta-Rex products with 26 years of experience in the industry and more than 2,500 products to his credit. Isagenix is the culmination of his lifes work!

This series of products contain the highest quality natural botanicals, herbs, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, minerals and protein in the correct proportions to first cleanse the body internally on the cellular level, then deliver the nutrition our bodies need for optimal health.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have benefited from this product since its debut in 2002, some with life altering results.

What makes this such a unique and powerful weight reduction, weight control and health optimizing product? It addresses two factors which lead to excess weight and disease in a way that no other health and supplement company has. These two factors are ENVIRONMENT TOXICITY and NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY.

There are two main components... First, Isagenix pioneered a safe and effectiveNUTRITIONAL CELLULAR CLEANSE (not a colon cleanse) that helps the body REMOVE IMPURITIES and thus allowing your HORMONES to BURN FAT more effectively. Stored body fat has been linked to toxin build up within the body. Fat is produced to encapsulate harmful toxins and protect vital organs. Toxins also inhibit that natural way hormones function in the body.

When you get rid of the toxins, you get rid of the fat. Your hormones love to cleanse!

The second component is the very enjoyable, delicious meal replacement Isalean shake. Our nation's FOOD supply is NUTRITIONALLY DEPLETED and it is virtually impossible to get the 90 key nutrients your body needs on a daily basis unless you supplement. The 90 consist of 60 minerals and 30 vitamins, amino and fatty acids. The shakes contain 242 NATURAL ingredients.

These KEY components, along with healthy 400-600 calorie meals, 100 calorie snacks, and natural supplements, will IGNITE your body.

IT IS AFFORDABLE as it is a meal replacement system. It is priced less than many meals we currently consume. The best news is that you will NOT GO HUNGRY following this plan... 



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