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No matter what each day brings I wake up, listen or read something to develop myself professionally or personally and then dig into this amazing opportunity that’s been bestowed on me!

There are days when I used to feel like I was failing at life! When I felt like there was a mountain I was climbing that was too high to climb! The anxiety was so high I wasn’t sure how I would ever overcome it and the thought of being financially free was unthinkable!!! Fast forward 7 short months and all of that has CHANGED!!!!!!!!

I am off of hormone replacement pellets I had been taking since Kaiden was born 6 years ago for my anxiety!!! I am leading a balanced and normal lifestyle where I can enjoy life 20% of the time and be on point 80% of the time and love my body and wear all the clothes!!!!I am officially and COMPLETELY off my migraine medication that I was taking daily! I can check out at the register at target or Wegmans and not take an anxiety breath because I know that I have enough $$$ to cover the bill!!!!!!

I am not going to say I don’t work hard or u just “drink a shake” and ✨ unicorn dust is sprinkled.....but I will say, when you put your mind and your heart ❤️ into something, when the vehicle is right, and when the people you work with are so supportive amazing and caring there is nothing but growth is bound to happen!!!!!

If you have thought about wanting to help others create a new health and wellness journey for themselves, or just want to pay your mortgage each month...reach out!!!!! I am here and our team is soaring and always welcoming new faces!!!!!



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